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Sugar Cubed

Since 2016

Sugar Cubed

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Sugar Cubed

A Family Story...

that goes back to our Grandparents, Jim and Loretta Ellison, who ran a concession stand at St. Phillips in East St. Louis in the 1960s. Fast forward a few decades when my 4 siblings and I grew up carrying on the family tradition of making concession treats like cotton candy in Belleville, IL.. More of the story
Sweet or Savory?

Candy or Toys?

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When you order online with Sugar Cubed you're actually supporting a local small business in St Louis, MO.

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People Like Us!

To Our Main Street Store Shoppers: You are the best customers ever! Thank you for the props over the years! We hope to hear from you on our web site .

Such a step back in time with all the candy from my childhood. Great place to satisfy your sweet tooth or get a cute gift for someone. Fun trinket gifts too for birthdays, stocking stuffers or even a baby shower. Great shop along Main Street. Don't miss this one!

Angie SCustomer

I found Sugar Cubed a couple of years ago, and I stop by there every time I go down to Main Street. I love the feel of their store, they have very good selections, and the staff there are very kind and easy to talk to. Many of my friends from out of state have visited there with me, and they always love to go there when they're visiting me. I easily give Sugar Cubed 5 stars. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone (especially to anyone who wants to visit an "old-time" candy store). I hope they are around for years to come.

Chris HCustomer

You've heard of the proverbial "kid in a candy shop?" This is the kind of place the saying alludes to, and that is exactly how you will feel. The walls are lined with bins and dispensers of treats from every corner of the world, there are jars of fresh-made confections, and there are a variety of unique drinks like masala Coke and Butter Beer. Be sure to stop here before leaving Main St.

Jon WCustomer

Absolutely spectacular!! Customer service is amazing, prices aren’t half bad and their candy and drinks are delicious!!!


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